Thursday, March 20, 2014

Renaissance of St. Andrew’s School, Muar by Mr.Yow Lop Siaw

Years of hard work and dedication by the Principal, teachers and students has finally manifested in this Renaissance of St. Andrew’s School, Muar. For the last few years, the school has managed to achieve top performance in both the PMR and SPM, both state-wide as well as nationwide.
Repeated sterling academic achievements are no fluke. They are only possible when a lot of hard work has been expended, which was  initiated by good leadership and direction by the Principal and his Senior Assistant, carried through by a set of dedicated teachers and duly completed by goal-minded students.

2014 represents the fourth consecutive year that the Principal, Mr. Tee, has been called to receive excellence performance award from the State Education Director in Johor Bahru.
 The first award was in 2011 when St. Andrew’s was awarded the “School Excellence Award” or “Anugerah Kecemerlangan Sekolah”  for being the top school in the whole of Malaysia in terms of having achieved the biggest increment in the “School Mean Grade” or Peningkatan Gred Purata Sekolah, of 17.7%, a phenomenal feat indeed!

2012 witnessed another great achievement for St. Andrew’s. The school’s academic performance, both PMR and SPM results combined,  recorded a quantum leap of 548 positions in the national ranking list for all secondary schools. This monumental improvement qualified the school for the award, “New Offer for the Principal”, which is parked under the NKRA  for Education. The award also resulted in a sum of RM62,900 being presented to the school, to be distributed to all the staff of the school. The Principal received RM7,500, another 3 teachers given RM1,800 each and all other teachers, RM900 each. Office staff were also part of this monetary award, with each receiving RM500.

And Mr. Tee was magnanimous enough to donate his share of RM7,500 to the Muar Andreans Association. A big thank you, Mr. Tee, for your big heart !

2013 was no different. Mr. Tee was again called to Johor Bahru to receive an Excellent Performance Award for excellent PMR and SPM results.
St. Andrew’s repeated its fine achievement in the 2013 SPM. The school was awarded the “Excellent School Award” for excellent performance in the 2013 SPM examinations.

Based on these continuous yearly accolades for excellent academic performance, St. Andrew’s is on a sure path towards glory. And, with the addition of newly completed classrooms and better facilities, backed and supported by the PTA, SAS Old Boys Association and the Board of Governors and with ground work spearheaded by a dedicated Principal, the school is on-track to greater heights in the future. To the Principal, his Senior Assistants and his dedicated teaching staff, on behalf of all – students, parents and all well-wishers, we congratulate all of you for a job well done and we will continue to give all of you our support to make St. Andrew’s the school of choice in the near future.

With this great effort and achievement, we are proud to be part of the great legacy left behind by our beloved and much loved late Rev. Brother Robert.