Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Visiting Our Beloved Teachers

The MAA members visit our beloved teachers in Parit Jawa.

They are none other than Cikgu (Hj) Salleh and Cikgu (Hj) Rahman. It was indeed a surprise for them to see us. The MAA members are Seah Kwang How,Tan Lam Lai, Tee Seng Chai,Tay Chor Koon and Lee Say See. Lunch was sponsored by Cikgu Hj Salleh.

Photographs courtesy of James Lee Say See


  1. Certainly good to see our BM teachers after all these years. Will make it a point to pay them visit them on the next opportunity. I remember Cikgu Salleh as a great story teller. Only Bro Robert passing by the class room will bring him back to BM, but only temporarily. Haha Cikgu Rahman is one of the most tolerant teacher. Never saw him once get angry. Even when reprimanding an unattentive student he would still break into a smile!

    Henry Goh

  2. Good old days for sure. Rare moments to cherish.