Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Experience at St.Francis' Institute Malacca, last Saturday night

By: Daniel Tan

James Sia (deputy president of St Francis Association) invited my dad & I to his Alma mater which is celebrating 130 years anniversary dinner last Saturday and my dad was keen to go down memory lane, hence I made the trip specially for him.

  • There were 2 Brother visitors from Rome, Brother Ambrose plus whatever remaining of the La Salle brothers were there that evening. I guess we have to invite as many La Salle brothers and ex teachers.
  • There were about 900 people attending the dinner.
  • They sold Franciscan T-shirts at RM30, mugs at RM10 to raise funds, while the boys and girls goes round collecting donations. And many of them even have the 'graduation years' knitted onto the sleeves. Batch 1972 and 1976 were very active. My dad is batch 1947, one of the last of the Mohicans!!!!!!!!!!! I think we can have this, I will be proud to wear it.
  • You have to buy drinks via vouchers and off course the collection goes back to the school
  • The school band entertain us while some 'old boys' (professional singers) took over and entertain the night.
  • The night was brighten up by a very long fireworks display that lit up Banda Hilir, perhaps to the delight of tourist and locals too.
  • Interestingly, no Negara Ku but the school anthem was sang loud and proud.......i think I can lead that provided I get back the lyrics J
  • The oldest Franciscan was 88 years old Horace Sta Maria and he got back from Perth to attend this anniversary! Many came from all over the country as well as from overseas. Seated beside me was this 70 years Mr Ram that came back from Phuket as he is still a senior man working in Phuket for a rubber mill and he was proud to be back to his Alma mater. Very interesting.
  • They rang the traditional school bell and you can see the pride.
  • The rallying call that made last Saturday's night event a success was the 130 years.
  • The evening started with a mass in the beautiful chapel for Catholics, ex student, family & friends
  • Many family members also attended, so it is not just an all boys gathering JJ
I think James Lee idea of open day of SAS is a very good idea as I actually brought my sons to SAS to show them around recently during CNY. But we have to find a rallying call so that we can get all the support from ex students. We can take all these good ideas and apply them to our proposed MAA Dinner which will take place on the 4th.September 2010.
I will take leave now and cheers.

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