Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lasallian Alumni Dinner, Ballroom Hotel Equatorial, Malacca

Malaysian Federation of La Sallian Associations Dinner
Welcoming drums
Jalur Gemilang
Mr. Koh Kim Chui, President of Muar Andrean Association
receiving ' token of appreciation ' from President of MFOLSA

Japanese delegation singing the school song

Muar Andreans Delegation

When is the food coming?

Group photograph

Who's enjoying the food?

Am I the only one eating?

An unexpected guest flew into my hotel room on the eve of the Convention. The lucky charm was a 'Pacific Swallow' who got temporarily lost while migrating to the Northern Hemisphere. The picture was taken by Mr Hendry Goh, official photographer and bird watching enthusiast!

Photographs courtesy of Mr.Henry Goh & Mr.Goh Bong Hiang


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